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Access Manager Selection Program

Access a new level of investment management.

Have your investment needs grown too complex for simple, one-size-fits-all solutions? Do you find you lack the time (or knowledge) to properly manage your investment portfolio?

If you demand excellence, and want freedom from the day-to-day details of managing your wealth, now you can move up to a higher level of investment management with the Access Manager Selection Program.

Through this exclusive program, and with the help of your Investment Advisor, you can gain access to the world’s most elite investment managers for an investment as little as $100,000 per manager.


Key Benefits of the Access Manager Selection Program

Explore the many benefits available to you through the Access Manager Selection Program:

Team of Elite Investment Managers

You have direct access to a select group of highly specialized investment managers worldwide, who are identified through in-depth investment manager research, and carefully evaluated and reviewed by a leading independent investment consulting firm.


Greater Control and Significant Tax Advantages

Unlike pooled investment programs, the Access Manager Selection Program offers you direct access to investment managers who can manage your investments within a customized portfolio. Instead of owning units within an investment pool, you have direct ownership of the securities in your portfolio. This gives you greater control and flexibility, and enables your investment managers to make strategic buy-and-sell decisions that can significantly enhance your after-tax returns.

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Four-Step Process to Achieve Your Goals

It all starts with you, and your needs. Your Investment Advisor will guide you through a comprehensive four-step process designed to help you build a customized Access portfolio based on your specific needs and preferences. As a result of this process, you and your Investment Advisor will gain a clear understanding of your investment goals, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, income needs, liquidity requirements and more.

This four-step process includes:

  1. Establishing your investment objectives.
  2. Developing a personal strategy.
  3. Selecting your investment managers.
  4. Reviewing and evaluating your progress.

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Convenience of an All-Inclusive Approach

This program offers you a variety of investment services for one convenient, all-inclusive fee. This includes screening and monitoring of investment managers, manager research and recommendations, selection of specialized managers, ongoing reviews, asset allocation and rebalancing, performance monitoring, a comprehensive quarterly review and much more.

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The Access Manager Selection Program could be ideal if you:

  • Want an individually managed account that offers greater control, flexibility and unique tax advantages
  • Desire a personalized and disciplined investment approach to achieving your financial goals
  • Want access to top-rated investment managers best suited to your specific needs

Take the next step…talk to an advisor.

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