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Find your way with three fund of funds portfolios to meet your long-term investment goals.

With one convenient investment decision, the Global Portfolio Series (GPS) gives you a professionally managed portfolio that includes asset allocation, global diversification, enhanced investment discipline and automatic rebalancing.

We offer three GPS portfolios to meet your specific needs:

Each portfolio invests in 3-5 mutual funds managed by RBC Asset Management. These funds include the RBC DS Canadian Focus Fund, RBC DS North American Focus Fund, RBC International Equity Fund, RBC Advisor Canadian Bond Fund and RBC Global Corporate Bond Fund.


Key Features and Benefits of the GPS Portfolios

  • Choice of three fund of funds portfolios based on your tolerance for risk, investing needs and goals
  • Ability to diversify by asset class, economic sector and geographic area with one simple investment decision
  • Managed by RBC Asset Management (under the guidance of the RBC Investment Strategy Committee), which uses a team-based, multi-disciplined approach
  • Low minimum investment of $1,500

A GPS portfolio could be ideal if you:

  • Feel comfortable with fluctuations in portfolio value due to market conditions
  • Want to leave day-to-day investment decisions to experienced money managers
  • Want to follow a proven, highly disciplined investment approach
  • Have a medium to long-term investment horizon

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