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Option A: Sell shares and do not donate Option B: Donate in-kind only that portion of shares to eliminate tax on shares sold
Sale proceeds: $ 0 Shares donated in-kind: 0
Adjusted cost base (option A): $ 0 Market value of shares donated: $ 0
Capital gain: $ 0 Adjusted cost base (option B): $ 0
Tax payable: $ 0 Capital gain (option B): $ 0
Proceeds for reinvestment: $ 0 Tax payable on capital gain: $ 0
    Donation tax credit: $ 0
    Shares sold: 0
    Sale proceeds: $ 0
    Adjusted cost base: $ 0
    Capital gain: $ 0
    Tax payable on capital gain: $ 0
    Donation tax credit from shares donated: $ 0
    Net tax payable: $ 0
    Proceeds for reinvestment: $ 0
    Funds in your charitable foundation: $ 0

This calculation tool is provided only for your general guidance. The output of this calculation tool is not a financial plan and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase specific investments or enter into specific financial transactions. Dollar values shown in this calculation tool have been rounded to the nearest dollar. As a result, in certain situations, a value of zero tax payable may not be achieved by this tool. You should consult your own accountant, lawyer or other professional advisor to ensure that any action you take is based on the latest financial information, calculation methods, taxation rules or applicable legislation.