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Frequently Asked Questions

About A+ or Access Accounts

Why doesn't my fee summary detail all the fees charged to my A+ or Access Account?

Fees charged to A+ or Access Accounts are detailed on the 4th Quarter Performance Review (for individual accounts) or on the fiscal year-end Performance Review (for corporate accounts). A separate fee statement is not produced. Refer to your 4th Quarter Performance Review or fiscal year-end Performance Review for fee details.


Why don't the dividend and interest totals reported on my 4th Quarter Performance Review match the totals on the T5 tax slip?

The Performance Review and Supplementary Tax Information Package are portfolio documents and not official book of record documents. The T5 tax slip is the official tax document. Differences can arise if accrued interest received or paid on fixed income instruments is not captured on the Quarterly Performance Review. It will, however, be included in the T5 tax slip totals.


The book cost of a security in my Access account is wrong. What should I do?

Please contact your Investment Advisor if there is a problem with a book cost or capital gain/loss value.


Why are trade dates shown for purchases and sales rather than settlement dates?

The system that provides the information for the capital gain/loss report only stores trade dates. If it is a transaction in foreign currency, an algorithm is used to convert it at the exchange rate as of the settlement date. You can see the settlement date of a transaction on your monthly account statement.


Why is there a blank on my capital gains/losses and book cost on my Summary of Securities Dispositions?

A Blank indicates that the information is not available. There may be several reasons why the field is not available:

  • A blank appears in the book cost column if the original book cost information is missing from our system. This usually occurs when assets have been transferred into the A+/Access account and no book cost and/or original purchase date was provided at the time of transfer.
  • Re-org related issues (i.e., corporate actions, spin-offs, etc.) as well as Rights and Warrants that expired without being exercised will show as N/A. Please contact your Investment Advisor with questions regarding any of these issues.
  • Security related issues (i.e., flowthrough securities) that have a unique tax functionality that can alter the cost of the asset.

Who will be issuing the tax reporting package for A+/Access accounts?

RBC Dominion Securities (DS) is the official tax reporting issuer for A+/Access accounts. From DS you will receive the T5 tax package, a fee summary letter and, beginning in the 2010 tax season, you will also receive the Summary of Security Dispositions.


How does the Summary of Security Dispositions (SSD) differ from the Lockwood Supplemental Tax Package that I used to receive?

The two main differences are layout and display of cost values.

Below outlines a high level summary of the differences between the documents:

  *New* SSD Supplemental Tax Package
Currency Displays cost, proceeds and gain/loss in C$ for all accounts. Displays cost, proceeds and gain/loss in both C$ and U$ currencies, for U$ accounts. However, if purchase dates are missing, cost is shown in the base currency.
Purchase Dates Does not display purchase date. Displays purchase date for each position disposed (if provided by the client).
Exchange Rates Does not display exchange rate. Displays exchange rate for each position disposed of in a U$ account (if purchase date is provided by the client).
Non-Calendar Year-End Does not capture gains/losses and fees for a specified fiscal period. Produced only at calendar year-end. Captures gains/losses and fees for a specified fiscal period.

Does the T5 tax package for A+/Access accounts include a "Summary of Account Fees Paid" letter?

Yes, the T5 tax package, includes a summary of fees paid letter.


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