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Estate Settlement

If you've been appointed as an estate executor, we can offer you over a century of estate and trust experience through our partner RBC Estate & Trust Services (Royal Trust(1)). Their Trust Officers are highly skilled, not only at the intricacies of estate administration, but also in handling stressful family situations with compassion and objectivity. They can assist you with the settlement of an estate, no matter what the size.


Depending on your needs, you can choose from one of three Agent for Executor solutions:

  • Complete Solution
    RBC Estate and Trust Services handles all details of the estate settlement on your behalf, including: communicating with beneficiaries; valuing and managing or selling real estate and other property; distributing the estate according to the terms of the Will; filing all required documentation and final tax returns; and more.

    What’s more, they ensure that you and the beneficiaries are kept well-informed of the estate’s status throughout the entire settlement process.

  • Administrative Solution
    You remain responsible for valuing property and personal effects, and for communicating directly with beneficiaries. RBC Estate and Trust Services helps “behind the scenes,” taking much of the administrative burden off of your shoulders by providing consolidated estate accounts, assisting with asset valuation and preparing a formal inventory.

  • Select Solution
    You choose which services you need help with, whether it’s valuing assets, applying for death benefits, collecting insurance proceeds, or drafting letters to third parties, among other tasks. The expertise of RBC Estate and Trust Services can also be valuable for the challenging work of preparing final income tax returns.


Take the next step…talk to an advisor.

For more information about our Agent for Executor solutions, please contact an Investment Advisor.


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1) Royal Trust Corporation of Canada (outside Quebec) / The Royal Trust Company (for Quebec)