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Whether you need to invest for income or are looking to add stability to your portfolio, RBC Dominion Securities can offer you a wide range of fixed-income investments.

Key Benefits

Explore the benefits of choosing RBC Dominion Securities for your fixed-income investing needs:


Largest Inventory of Fixed-Income Investments in Canada

Through your Investment Advisor, you'll have access to the following fixed-income securities and more:

  • International, corporate and government bonds
  • Canada and provincial savings bonds
  • Structured and floating rate notes
  • Money market securities
  • Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)
  • Annuities
  • Treasury bills (T-bills)

Visit our section on Understanding Fixed-Income Securities

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Expertise of our Fixed-Income Advisory Group

Your Investment Advisor will work with our Fixed-Income Advisory Group to make recommendations for your fixed-income portfolio, considering issues such as interest rates, specific security selection, asset allocation and more.

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Fixed-income investments could be ideal if you:

  • Want a relatively secure, low-risk investment
  • Want to diversify your portfolio to reduce risk
  • Need ready access to your capital
  • Require a steady source of investment income

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Take the next step…talk to an advisor.

Our Investment Advisors are here to help recommend the solutions that are best for you. To learn more, please contact an advisor (opens new window) or ask an advisor to contact you.