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Managing Business Risk

An important part of ensuring your business is successful is to prepare it for the unexpected. With the guidance of your Investment Advisor, you can choose from a wide array of business protection solutions.

We offer the following solutions and strategies to help you manage your business risk:


Business Succession Plans

A business succession plan can help protect your business when a shareholder retires or passes away. Elements of a successful business succession plan include buy-sell agreements, a Will and powers of attorney.

A buy-sell provision is a shareholder agreement that allows for the orderly transfer of shares in the event of disability, death or retirement. Upon the death of a shareholder, the buy-sell agreement instructs your corporation to purchase the shares of the deceased. Insurance is a cost-effective way of providing the necessary funds to purchase the shares in the event of your shareholder's passing.

For more information on business succession planning solutions and strategies, please speak with one of our life-licensed Investment Advisors (opens new window).

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Executive Life Insurance

Executive life insurance enables you to provide your managers and executives with a supplementary benefit package. In this instance, both you and your executive purchase a life insurance policy with your executive named as the insured. Both of you will split the benefits. This form of insurance provides protection for an executive's family, while you benefit from an investment offering tax-deferred growth.

To learn more about executive life insurance, please speak with one of our life-licensed Investment Advisors (opens new window).

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Key Person Insurance

The sudden loss of a key person can create a difficult and costly void to fill. If your company relies heavily on the skills and contributions of a single person, you may wish to consider taking out life insurance on this person (or persons) to help mitigate the costs.

One of our life-licensed Investment Advisors (opens new window). can provide you with more information on this unique insurance protection.

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Commodity/Financial Futures

Another way RBC Dominion Securities can help your business manage risk is through the use of commodity/financial futures. For example:

  • If your business produces a commodity, managing the risk of price fluctuations is a major concern. We can help you reduce this risk through the use of commodity futures and options.
  • If you own a small business that uses a certain commodity to produce value-added goods, we can help you gain greater cost certainty for that commodity through the futures market.

For additional information on our extensive commodity/financial futures services, and an introduction to an Investment Advisor, please contact:

George Corneil
Phone: (416) 842-7956

Tim Hui
Phone: (416) 842-7962

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