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Wealth Transfer

From tax-effective life insurance strategies to charitable giving solutions, we offer several options for ensuring that your heirs or favourite charities receive the full value of your intended gift.

Explore how we can help you transfer your wealth more effectively using:


Tax-Exempt Life Insurance

We can help you significantly enhance the value of your estate by passing along more assets than you could otherwise achieve through a purely investment-driven strategy. One of the main ways we can help you do this is through tax-exempt life insurance.

Like a pension or non-registered account, tax-exempt life insurance serves as another asset within your overall portfolio—with some unique advantages.

Under the Federal Income Tax Act:

  • Assets accumulate within a tax-exempt life insurance contract free of annual accrual taxation
  • When you pass away, any proceeds of the policy distributed to beneficiaries, including the initial insurance coverage and any accumulated assets, are done so on a tax-free basis, outside the scope of your estate

What's more, tax-exempt life insurance also provides:

  • The potential for tax-free income during retirement
  • Funds for paying the tax liabilities incurred within your other pools of capital

To learn about the different types of coverage and how you can use tax-exempt life insurance in your overall estate plan, please contact a Life-Licensed Investment Advisor.

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Tax Protector

Our Tax Protector solution is designed to help you transfer more of your wealth to your heirs by protecting the full value of your estate's assets from taxes. It allows you to leave a lasting legacy for your family and can significantly lessen the burden on your loved ones.

The Tax Protector helps prevent the erosion or liquidation of your estate by providing a life insurance benefit that can be used to:

  • Pay the tax on your registered assets
  • Reduce your capital gains tax
  • Pay the tax on any U.S. assets

To find out how you can benefit from the Tax Protector, please contact a Life-Licensed Investment Advisor.

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Charitable Giving Solutions

Whether you want to make a one-time donation or wish to create a lasting family legacy, RBC Dominion Securities can provide you with assistance regarding many aspects of charitable giving. We offer expertise in:

  • Gifting securities
  • Donating insurance policies
  • Charitable gift annuities

We also provide a Charitable Gift Program, which allows you to support charitable causes in a meaningful way, without the time and cost associated with establishing a private foundation or endowment fund.

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For more information about our charitable giving solutions, please contact an Investment Advisor.