Charitable gift program

Create a lasting legacy through a charitable gift fund

Our Charitable Gift Program is designed for individuals and families wishing to support charitable causes in a meaningful way, without the time and cost associated with establishing a private foundation or endowment fund. It is an easy, convenient way to support charitable causes, today and in the future, while receiving important tax benefits.

Through this program, you can make initial and ongoing contributions to a charitable gift fund managed by the Gift Funds Canada, one of the leading charitable foundations in the country.

Key features and benefits of the Charitable Gift Program

  • Contribute cash, appreciated publicly listed securities or other assets to the fund, then recommend grants to the charitable organizations of your choice
  • Make a deferred contribution by naming your fund as the beneficiary of a charitable bequest, a life insurance policy, a qualified registered retirement plan, a charitable remainder trust or another existing private foundation
  • Receive an official charitable donation receipt for the full fair market value of your contribution
  • Enjoy simplified, comprehensive administration of your charitable gift fund
  • Give your fund a unique name that reflects your family’s legacy
  • Name grant advisors and successors to your fund so your family’s legacy continues
  • Make recommendations on how account earnings are distributed to your favourite charities throughout your lifetime and, if desired, in perpetuity
  • Recommend an investment strategy for your contributions, choosing from a range of options professionally managed by RBC Dominion Securities
  • Take advantage of any asset growth within your account by recommending increasingly larger charitable grants in the future

The Charitable Gift Program could be ideal if you:

  • Need a charitable giving solution that allows you to make a lasting gift, but you prefer to be free of all administrative obligations
  • Want to able to recommend which charities receive grants
  • Want to take advantage of the tax benefits of a charitable gift fund, including the ability to donate appreciated securities such as shares without paying capital gains tax

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