Insurance based solutions

With our insurance-based solutions, you can enhance your retirement income, protect your family's financial security from adverse events, safeguard your business, and maximize the value of your estate for your beneficiaries.

Executive life insurance

Executive life insurance enables you to provide your managers and executives with a supplementary benefit package. In this instance, both you and your executive purchase a life insurance policy with your executive named as the insured. Both of you will split the benefits. This form of insurance provides protection for an executive's family, while you benefit from an investment offering tax-deferred growth.

To learn more about executive life insurance, please speak with one of our life-licensed Investment Advisors .

Insured annuities

An insured annuity allows you to transfer a portion of your wealth and serves as an important asset protection and income enhancement solution.

An annuity is a contract that binds an issuer to provide you with a steady stream of income payments in return for a lump sum deposit. With an insured annuity, a portion of each of your annuity payments covers the premiums on an insurance policy, which ensures that an amount equal to your original capital is provided to your beneficiaries when your estate is settled. As with any annuity, an insured annuity is irrevocable once purchased.

Insured annuities provide the following benefits for your estate:

  • Upon death, your beneficiaries receive an amount equal to your original deposit
  • Proceeds avoid probate and can be issued directly to your beneficiaries without cost or delay

An insured annuity also allows you to:

  • Maximize your after-tax retirement income without increasing investment risk
  • Earn a pre-tax equivalent yield likely unattainable with most fixed-income investments
  • Lower your amount of payable taxes
  • Reduce the overall value of your business and limit your capital gains liability

Key person insurance

The sudden loss of a key person can create a difficult and costly void to fill. If your company relies heavily on the skills and contributions of a single person, you may wish to consider taking out life insurance on this person (or persons) to help mitigate the costs.

One of our life-licensed Investment Advisors  can provide you with more information on this unique insurance protection.

Living benefits insurance

Living benefits products not only protect your wealth, they give you the financial freedom to maintain your lifestyle or obtain the care you need in the event of an injury or illness.

  • Disability Insurance
    Personal disability insurance helps protect one of your greatest assets –your ability to earn an income. If sickness or injury keeps you at home for a sustained period of time and you are unable to work, this insurance can replace up to 66% of your income. Disability insurance is an ideal way to help ensure that you and your family can continue to maintain the lifestyle you desire without eroding your portfolio or other assets.

  • Critical Illness Insurance
    Upon diagnosis of a serious illness such as cancer, stroke or a heart attack, critical illness insurance provides a lump sum benefit that may be used in any way you wish. For example, you might use the funds to seek advanced private care to aid in your recovery. If you own a business, you could also use the benefit to keep your business running smoothly until your return.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance
    Considering the high cost of private care, this type of living benefit is an excellent way to protect your retirement savings and other assets. Long-term care insurance provides the necessary funds to pay for additional health care should you need assistance caring for yourself for an extended period. Funds are paid as a daily benefit to cover the cost of either home visits from a qualified individual or a room at either a public or private care facility.

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