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Fixed-Income Investments

Whether you need to invest for income or are looking to add stability to your portfolio, RBC Dominion Securities can offer you a wide range of fixed-income investments.

Key benefits

Explore the benefits of choosing RBC Dominion Securities for your fixed-income investing needs:

Largest inventory of fixed-income investments in Canada

Through your Investment Advisor, you'll have access to the following fixed-income securities and more:

  • International, corporate and government bonds
  • Canada and provincial savings bonds
  • Structured and floating rate notes
  • Money market securities
  • Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)
  • Annuities
  • Treasury bills (T-bills)

Visit our section on understanding fixed-income securities

Expertise of our Fixed-Income Advisory Group

Your Investment Advisor will work with our Fixed-Income Advisory Group to make recommendations for your fixed-income portfolio, considering issues such as interest rates, specific security selection, asset allocation and more.

Fixed-income investments could be ideal if you:

  • Want a relatively secure, low-risk investment
  • Want to diversify your portfolio to reduce risk
  • Need ready access to your capital
  • Require a steady source of investment income

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