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Precious Metals Bullion Program

Throughout history, precious metals like gold have been a “safe haven” for wealth. Today, investors also use gold to diversify their assets and reduce risk.

The Gold Standard for Peace of Mind

With the Precious Metals Bullion Program, you can hold gold, silver and platinum bullion as an asset in your RBC Dominion Securities investment account. What’s more, you can physically store your bullion with the Royal Canadian Mint for even greater peace of mind.

A Secure, Convenient Way to Invest in Bullion

  • Hold Directly: Invest in physical gold, silver and platinum directly in your RBC Dominion Securities account.
  • Choice: Choose from some of the world’s best-selling physical precious metal products from the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Full Beneficial Ownership: When you fully pay for your bullion, it is allocated to you and remains segregated from anyone else’s assets, including RBC’s.
  • Guaranteed Quality: The Mint guarantees both purity and weight for all its fine precious metals products.
  • Safe Storage: Securely store your precious metals bullion with the Royal Canadian Mint, which is backed by the Government of Canada. RBC holds your bullion on your behalf and custodies it with the Mint.
  • Clear Chain of Custody: Your bullion is moved directly from production into allocated storage at the Mint, providing a clear chain of custody and greater confidence in the quality of your bullion. It also saves you the cost and inconvenience of having to verify your bullion any time you want to sell it.
  • Easy Access to Cash Value: A highly liquid asset, precious metals can be sold quickly.
  • Competitive Loans: If you wish to retain your precious metals, we can arrange a competitive loan or margin against your precious metal assets, when they are held in custody with RBC.
  • Long-Term Growth Potential: The value of your physical precious metals is based on international spot prices, which will fluctuate.

There are risks associated with investing in precious metals, the values may change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

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