Investment strategy & research


Access to top-ranked, timely and insightful investment strategy and research helps you and your Investment Advisor understand current challenges and identify opportunities in today’s quickly changing investment climate.

Through both internal and third-party sources, your Investment Advisor has direct access to:

Investment strategy

The RBC Investment Strategy Committee, comprised of senior representatives from various parts of the firm, provides regular analysis of market conditions and direction on investment policy. After considering data provided by our four analytical disciplines—Economic, Fundamental Research, Quantitative Research and Technical Analysis— the Strategy Committee makes a series of recommendations on portfolio structure for the coming 12 months, including:

  • The optimum mix of stocks, bonds and cash for each "investor profile"
  • The suggested term–to–maturity for fixed–income instruments
  • A Focus List of approximately 20 top-ranked Canadian equities

Based on recommendations from the Strategy Committee, your Investment Advisor can develop an asset mix custom-tailored to your goals and objectives.

 Learn about our personalized investment portfolios and portfolio approach

RBC Capital Markets research

Your Investment Advisor provides access to top-ranked research from the RBC Capital Markets Research Department, which covers every major sector and company in Canada, plus selected companies around the world. Our Research Department helps your RBC Dominion Securities advisor identify opportunities in the capital markets through Fundamental Research, Quantitative Research and Technical Analysis.

Independent global research

Through our partnerships with several U.S. firms, your Investment Advisor also has access to comprehensive coverage of U.S. and international markets.

Veritas independent domestic research

Independent Veritas research complements the research provided by RBC Capital Markets. We are the only brokerage firm in Canada with access to independent research on Canadian companies. Veritas research is tailored to our investment process, which involves an emphasis on the preservation of capital and a focus on absolute returns as well as relative performance.

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