Portfolio Advisory Group

To help you build long-term wealth, your RBC Dominion Securities advisor has access to the RBC Dominion Securities Portfolio Advisory Group – the largest of its kind in Canada.

This team of highly specialized equity and fixed-income portfolio advisors conducts ongoing research and analysis on a wide spectrum of investment opportunities and proactively provides ideas to your RBC Dominion Securities advisor.

They make recommendations on:

  • The optimum investment mix in your portfolio
  • How to balance risk, return and performance
  • Asset allocation strategies
  • Domestic versus international investments
  • Equity versus fixed-income investments
  • Matching investments to objectives

As a result, the Portfolio Advisory Group helps:

  • Ensure your investments are properly positioned in today's market
  • Take advantage of opportunities to build long-term wealth more effectively
  • Overcome today's low interest rates to enhance your retirement income

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