How we work with you


You have your own needs and goals — and your own preferences for how your wealth is managed. That’s why we offer you the flexibility to choose how we provide our services to you.

Advisory services

If you want personal advice, but wish to make or approve all investment decisions, our advisory services may be right for you. You will have:

  • Flexibility in your involvement and decision-making
  • Personalized one-on-one advice
  • Access to the largest range of investments and solutions in Canada
  • Custom-designed investment portfolio based on your specifications
  • Top-ranked research to help you make informed decisions
  • Regular communication to keep you apprised of your progress

Investment consulting

If you prefer to establish overall direction for your portfolio, but delegate day-to-day decisions to world-class investment managers, our investment consulting service may be best for you. This will give you:

  • Active and personalized guidance and service
  • Convenient access to a broad range of portfolio solutions
  • Access to world-class investment managers

Discretionary management

If you wish to simplify your complex financial affairs, and work together with your own personal portfolio manager to handle all the details, our discretionary management service may be your best choice. With our premium service, you can expect:

  • Freedom from the day-to-day details of managing your wealth
  • Personal assistance from a highly accredited portfolio manager
  • An intensively disciplined investment approach

Not sure which of these services is right for you?

We would be pleased to help you determine which service, or which combination of services, is most appropriate for you.

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