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Investing for wealth preservation

Investing for wealth preservation

Over time, taxes and inflation can erode your wealth. Drawing income or capital from your investment portfolio also erodes the wealth you have built—often needlessly.

If you have built or inherited a substantial amount of wealth, we can help you preserve it by structuring your portfolio to favor more conservative investments like bonds, while including an element of growth to counter the impact of taxes and inflation. A number of additional investment strategies can also allow you to enjoy your wealth and still keep it intact.

We offer several strategies and solutions to preserve your wealth, including:

A full range of traditional investment products

RBC Dominion Securities is Canada’s leading full-service brokerage firm. This means that your Investment Advisor can access a complete range of investments to build your personalized investment portfolio. With the goal of preserving your wealth, your Investment Advisor will most likely select from:

  • Conservative fixed-income investments such as bonds, GICs and treasury bills
  • High-quality growth-oriented investments, including domestic and international equities

Tax-efficient investment solutions

Our A+ program allows you to access some of the world’s best "tax aware" money managers. In addition, the program features individually managed accounts, which avoid some of the tax consequences associated with pooled investments. Our A+ program also gives you direct ownership of the stocks in your portfolio, which helps you avoid embedded capital gains and gives you greater control over taxable events. Your Investment Advisor may also recommend additional solutions and services, depending on your needs.

Insured investment products

Certain insured investment products can also serve to preserve your wealth. One such example is a segregated fund, a professionally managed investment fund that offers both estate and wealth protection.

Your Investment Advisor can explain the choices available to you and make a recommendation based on your situation. You can also learn more about insurance products that help protect your wealth in our estate planning and retirement planning sections.

A high level of discretionary service

Another way we can assist you in managing and preserving your wealth is through Private Investment Management, our premium discretionary wealth management service.

Private Investment Management gives you the confidence to pursue your goals, knowing your wealth will be managed according to the highest standards.

To explore additional ways we can meet your wealth preservations needs, please visit the following sections:

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