Where Do You Go from Here?

Where do you go from here?

While creating an estate plan is not necessarily an arduous task, it does require a commitment of some time and resources.

The following tips should be considered as you begin this process:

  • Follow the steps outlined in creating your estate plan.
  • Develop your estate plan with the assistance of your accountant, lawyer, notary and investment advisor.
  • Ask an RBC Dominion Securities Investment Advisor about a financial plan. A financial plan will assist you through the evaluation phase of your estate plan.
  • Implement your plan. The most significant hurdle facing you is time.
  • If you require additional insurance coverage, contact your RBC Dominion Securities Investment Advisor, who can provide access to variety of insurance products from many of Canada's leading insurance companies.
  • Revisit your estate plan every two to three years to determine if it is still in keeping with your objectives.

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