Estate settlement

Settling an estate is a complex task of carrying out someone’s final wishes as expressed in their Will, and according to provincial laws. If you are considering naming someone as executor(1) or if you are an executor yourself, we can help make the process easier.

We can offer you over a century of estate and trust experience through our partner RBC Royal Trust(2). Our Trust Officers can help you assess the tasks and responsibilities you face and offer a customized level of support. They handle sensitive family issues with compassion and objectivity, and tap into the extensive resources of RBC to maximize the full value of the estate for the beneficiaries.

How we can help:

You can choose from two types of executor services below when you appoint RBC Royal Trust in your Will to act independently or alongside another person to carry out your wishes.

Corporate executor services

Our estate and trust professionals are skilled in the intricacies of estate administration from both an emotional and technical knowledge perspective. We are sensitive to the complexities of your unique family dynamics and approach each situation with compassion and professionalism to make the estate settlement process easy on you.

Ideal for individuals who:

  • Want to ease the burden on their family and friends
  • Prefer that an objective professional handles everything
  • Have no family or friends to act as executor
  • Anticipate a challenging family situation

Agent for executor services

Our estate and trust professionals work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs. You choose which tasks you need help with, whether it’s valuing assets, applying for death benefits, collecting insurance proceeds, or drafting letters to third parties, among many other numerous tasks. They can handle some or all of your duties while you ultimately make all the final decisions.

Ideal for individuals who:

  • Have been appointed executor and are now required to act
  • Need help with certain aspects of their duties
  • Find their family situation challenging and need the sensitivity and expertise of an impartial third party
  • Lack the time, expertise or desire to administer an estate
  • Live outside the city, province or country where the estate is located
  • Want to retain final decision-making authority while benefiting from professional expertise

1) Estate Trustee with a Will in Ontario; Liquidator In Quebec

2) Royal Trust Corporation of Canada (outside Quebec) / The Royal Trust Company (for Quebec)

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