High-net-worth portfolios

Personal service and solutions for clients with large portfolios

If you seek a higher level of personal service and assistance managing significant investment assets, consider the discretionary services and personalized solutions available to you through an RBC Dominions Securities Portfolio Manager or Investment Advisor. With more than 400,000 clients across Canada and worldwide, RBC Dominion Securities is a partner you can trust to understand and meet your unique requirements.

A discretionary wealth management relationship

If your portfolio's substantial size has made it too complex or time-consuming for you to manage your investments on your own, we can offer you freedom from these tasks through a discretionary wealth management relationship.

Under a discretionary relationship, you set the overall direction of your portfolio, while delegating day-to-day investment decisions to highly qualified professionals.

Alternatively, if your preference is to remain more involved in day-to-day decisions regarding your portfolio, we can also work with you on an advisory or investment consulting basis. Whatever your preference, you can be assured that we will tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

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Elite money management solutions

Among our many convenient solutions and services, we offer solutions in particular that are ideally suited to your needs as a high-net–worth investor. These include:

  • Private Investment Management
    Designed for portfolios exceeding $200,000, Private Investment Management is a unique discretionary managed account that allows you to delegate responsibility for day-to-day investment decisions to a personal Portfolio Manager. Through this program, you enjoy direct access to a Portfolio Manager with the highest credentials. Based on your growth requirements, income needs and risk tolerance, your Portfolio Manager will create a custom portfolio to meet your needs and objectives and then manage your portfolio according to guidelines you have established in advance.
  • A+ Unified Managed Account
    Through this exclusive program, and with the help of your Investment Advisor, you can gain access to RBC's proven investment strategy within a customized, tax-efficient portfolio. As with Private Investment Management, A+ is designed to free you from the day-to-day details of managing your wealth.

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Traditional and alternative investment products

RBC Dominion Securities is Canada's leading full-service brokerage firm. When building your portfolio, your Investment Advisor or Portfolio Manager has access to a complete universe of equities, fixed-income investments and mutual funds.

In addition to these traditional investment products, your Investment Advisor may also recommend alternative investment strategies should you require an additional dimension of diversification in your portfolio. As an example, we can help you:

  • Manage the volatility of your investments through hedge fund products that aim to generate absolute returns over the long term, generally independent of market direction.
  • Reduce or eliminate the risk of exchange rates through the use of foreign exchange futures.
  • Manage risk through the use of commodity futures.

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Enhanced communication to keep you informed

We know that when you entrust your significant assets to us, you expect to be kept well-informed. As a client, you will receive monthly and quarterly account statements, detailed reporting packages, one-on-one portfolio reviews and much more.

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